Got damaged hair?  Educator and Product Specialist, Shawna Peterson, shares her recommendations for achieving healthy, shiny locks.

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Spring is finally here and one of the biggest style changes we see in the salon at this time are guests that want to lighten their hair. I too found those pictures of sun kissed blondes too hard to resist. I’d been coloring my hair dark brown for years and decided it was time for something different, so I made the first of many appointments to begin my journey towards becoming a blonde. After several coloring appointments my hair was feeling weak, dry and frizzy. Even after a big 10 inch haircut I found myself dealing with something I had never had to battle before….damaged hair.

Working in the hair industry, I knew I had options for repairing my hair but with so many choices available I wasn’t sure where to even start. After many bottles of product and dollars spent I finally found my new hair care regimen.

Here are my Top 5 products for chemically or thermally damaged hair:

#1: Extreme Hair Strengthening Shampoo:  It contains Redken’s Interlock Protein Network (IPN) which does three important things:

  1. Rebuilds surface protection (the outer layer of your hair strand which protects the inner core. It’s your hair’s first line of defense against damage)
  2. Provides progressive conditioning (the more you use it the better it gets)
  3. Strengthens the hair’s core (repairs bonds that have been damaged)

This shampoo can be used daily as it gently cleanses the hair. Use a nickel size amount and focus on the new growth area running it through the ends before you rinse.

#2 Extreme Hair Strengthening Conditioner: Also contains IPN plus helps to detangle, add shine and fortifies weakened areas. Apply a nickel-sized amount on the mid -shaft to ends. Let it sit 1-3 minutes and rinse.

#3 Extreme Anti-Snap Distressed Hair Treatment: A leave-in treatment that also contains IPN.  When using this product with Extreme Shampoo and Conditioner it helps reduce breakage by 75%!  It contains heat protection, frizz control and reduces friction from styling tools. Apply to towel dried hair focusing on damaged areas and style.

#4 Extreme Strength Builder/Fortifying Hair Mask: And you guessed it, it’s got IPN too! It has intense repairing qualities and after just 3 uses it can repair your hair by 96%. You can use it daily or once a week depending upon level of damage.  After shampooing, towel dry hair, apply and let sit 5-15 minutes and rinse. TIP: I avoid my new growth and bangs as they are less damaged.

#5 Pillow Proof Blow Dry Two Day Extender: Having damaged hair, I try to shampoo as little as possible to avoid more heat and friction on my fragile hair. This product helps extend my style by eliminating oils and refreshing my hair on the day/days after my shampoo. Shake well and apply to areas where you may tend to get oily (I do my temples and bangs).

After just a few weeks of this regimen my hair feels better than it did before I started going blonde.  You can find these Redken products at Gene Juarez Academy locations.