Eyelash Extension Training has been added to the Gene Juarez Academy Cosmetology program. Starting in October 2019, all new students will receive this certificate-based training within their kit and program.

While some Seattle-based schools offer eyelash extension courses separately or within an Esthetics program, Gene Juarez Academy is one of the only Seattle schools to add it to a standard 1600-hour Cosmetology program. Students will be working with locally-owned products and training from London Brows & Lashes , the same premier product line used by Gene Juarez Salons and Spas.

“With the increasing demand for eyelash extension services in the beauty industry, we want to ensure our students are graduating with a greater earning potential,” General Manager Mike McNamee said. “It’s a skill that more employers are looking for and the additional certificate training can be extremely costly for licensed professionals.”

And the stats don’t lie. As of May 3, 2019, the average annual pay for an Eyelash Extension Artist in Seattle, WA is $69,688 a year. This is significantly more than the reported Cosmetologist salary in the state of Washington. (According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics)


FAQ’s regarding Eyelash Extension Training

It will be added automatically for anyone enrolling in our October 2019 class or after. You won’t complete the actual training until a few months into your program. You won’t get your certificate until you complete the cosmetology program and are licensed.

Yes! For just the purchase of the student kit, you can still take the eyelash extension training, although it’s not required. If you choose to, you can take it within your allotted 1600 hours.

Yes! We’ll let you know when this is available. As of right now, we’re working out the dates and pricing for you but you can expect it soon.

No, legally we can’t. In the state of Washington, you’re required to have an Esthetics or Cosmetology license to perform eyelash extension services. For this reason, students are unable to perform this in our student salon.

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