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South Campus Cosmetology student and valedictorian for the summer graduating class, DarylDay “Rose” Saguico, shares her experience as a student and what it was like preparing for graduation.

What was it like being asked to represent your class as valedictorian?

When they called me to tell me I was valedictorian I couldn’t believe it. I literally asked them “How? Are you sure?” because I was speechless. I loved what I was doing so I went to school when I was supposed to be there, I did my homework when it needed to be done, I studied for tests and did my best at everything my educators taught me. I worked really hard and with that I became valedictorian. Then they told me I would have to present a speech, in front of everyone at the graduation ceremony.

How did you go about preparing your speech?

I’m not a big crowd speaker kind of person but I knew this was such a big honor and so I wrote up a speech. Writing and grammar is something I’m not great at so I wrote my speech like I was speaking to my friends. I made it sound like me and I put a little humor in it just so I wouldn’t bore the crowd.

What was your graduation experience like?

The day of the graduation was so exciting!  I was excited to give my speech in front of everyone and to have my family from Hawaii there to celebrate this great accomplishment with me. It was exciting to know my friends and I were close to achieving 1600 hours and 13 months of beauty school.  Not only was it an honor to be valedictorian, but I also received the Gene Juarez Academy Award!

How do you plan to make beauty your business?

I decided to attend Gene Juarez Academy and make beauty my business because I’ve always loved doing hair and making someone feel confident and beautiful. After graduation, I plan to become a Gene Juarez Educator. My educators inspired me and I want to inspire others.

Congratulations Rose on your success as a GJA student and we wish you all the very best in the future. We know you will do great things in your career as a licensed cosmetologist & educator!

Check out photos from Rose’s graduation ceremony!