Spring 2014: GJA Graduation

On March 2nd, we held our Spring GJA Graduation ceremony at the beautifulBenaroya Hall in downtown Seattle. It was a night to celebrate our most recent graduates and to thank their friends and family for their support over the past year. We would like to recognize the following award recipients from our April 2014 GJA graduation ceremony:

From the North Seattle campus:
Valedictorian: Cirea “Unique” Gero
Guest Service Award: Ryan Foley and Marilyn “Violet” Tran
Most Inspirational: Kara “Bethany” Wene and Marilyn “Violet” Tran
Gene Juarez Academy Award: Sydney Nelson and Meghan “Kleo” Ivory

From the South Seattle campus:
Valedictorian: Paige “Sunny” Woodruff
Guest Service Award: Davinder Khatra and Sabrina “Texas” Rollins
Most Inspirational: Inga Feltsan and Lizamie “Luna” Bustillo
Gene Juarez Academy Award: Davinder Khatra and Lizamie “Luna” Bustillo

We were honored to have Mr. Gene Juarez as our keynote speaker, whom is always a hit with the graduates and their families. He spent time talking about his childhood and his dream to move to Seattle and become “Mr. Hair”. He left the students with the following inspiring message:

“If you work with your hands, you are a laborer.  If you work with your hands and your head, you are a craftsman.  If you work with your hands, and your head, and your heart, you are an artist.  Be an artist!” 

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