Student Ambassadors

Gene Juarez Academy offers much more than learning the necessary skills to get a cosmetology license — we also provide opportunities for leadership and creative development. Cosmetology students who are driven to get as much out of their education as possible have the opportunity to get involved in the Student Ambassador program.

As the voice of the student body, Ambassadors are the leaders on campus. They welcome and mentor new beauty school students, provide feedback to campus management, and participate in community events and marketing projects for the cosmetology school. Ambassadors learn valuable skills while influencing others with their passion for the salon and spa industry and dedication to their cosmetology education.


North Seattle Campus

  • Alexis


    Seeing successful artists thrive in this industry is very inspiring. People like Tracey Cunningham and Guy Tang are proof that you can do anything you set your mind to.

  • Athena


    I chose a career in Cosmetology because it carries the same values I uphold: artistry, individuality, expression, diversity, openness and willingness to grow in self-confidence & appearance.

  • Bailey


    Since my first day at Gene Juarez Academy, each educator has made my success their personal priority.

  • Catrina


    I have a lot of family who are hairdressers and makeup artists so I’ve always been exposed to the beauty industry. I would love to eventually own my own salon like them and freelance.

  • Clari


    I chose a career in Cosmetology because I grew up in the beauty industry. I would always stay and watch my mom do foils instead of going to play outside. The process of making someone look and feel better amazes me.

  • Genieve


    The things that serve as an inspiration during my journey are learning new ideas, the progress I am making each day and having a positive impact on the way I make people feel.

  • Iris


    What I value the most about my experience thus far at GJA is the connection I have with the educators. They provide a positive environment and make it so much fun to be here & learn.

  • London


    I value all of the friendships I’ve made so far at GJA. I have also grown as a person by having awesome instructors to look up to.

  • Natalie


    I value that Gene Juarez Academy has an above standard set and that the staff always pushes us to achieve bigger and greater things.

  • Sadie


    What I value most are my educators! They are always there to answer my questions & support everything I do. They make me feel valued as a student.

  • Savannah


    This industry is very unique and filled with individuality. It allows me to empower women and men who need a little more self love and the courage to be who and what they want. I want to make my mark in this industry & I will!

  • Storm


    I enjoy being the voice for the student body and getting to know everyone at school.

South Seattle Campus

  • Blair


    I chose Cosmetology because it is a career that welcomes & fosters creativity and passion. And your result is a direct reflection of that.

  • Camitta


    Cosmetology has always been a passion of mine since I was a teenager. I enjoy making people feel good inside and out as well as being creative. It allows me to be free.

  • Carson


    I chose a career in Cosmetology because it was something different and my grandmother did hair so I wanted to follow in her footsteps.

  • Charlie


    The educators at GJA have truly made my experience worthwhile. Each one has their own style of teaching but are able to adapt to not only my learning style but everyone else around me.

  • Cory


    I value the real world training I am receiving and the skilled advisors who guide us each step of the way!

  • Danshin


    I am inspired by other people in the sense that they are artists & living art themselves. I love people watching. We are street art!

  • Dollie


    I LOVE making others feel beautiful and making them happy as they leave the salon. If I can make someone feel beautiful, it’s a success in my book!

  • Finn


    Everyone has been able to show me things until it clicks and they work to make sure I fully get it. Plus, we are shown things that are not only school related, but life skills too.

  • Ireland


    Not only did I chose Cosmetology for the love of doing hair, but also the connection it brings to people in the community.

  • Kashayla


    I value how the educators are so helpful. They are willing to do anything to help with requirements and making sure that each student passes. Also, the curriculum we have really prepares you for finals and state board exams.

  • Jameson


    Cosmetology has always been my passion and I’m inspired everyday by the feedback I receive from my clients

  • Lorelei


    I value my educators because they have a passion for educating us about cosmetology. They will try different ways of teaching to help anyone learn. I also value the hands on training the Academy offers.

  • Melinda


    As an Ambassador, I enjoy being able to give back to the community and help lead the Gene Juarez Promise.

  • Rubi


    I love the connection that the staff and students have & how interested everyone is in our education.

  • Sydney


    I value the passion and enthusiasm that our educators have. They have built up my self-confidence and have made my experience at school so enjoyable that I don’t want leave at the end of the day!

  • Wednesday


    I love to making people feel beautiful and am inspired by my family, friends and instructors.

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